Lead me not into temptation I can find it myself.

We'll go to hell for this but at least we had a good time.

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ULtRa SoUnD Vrs Media Player ViSuAls.
on phone


I want to add something to the background, Magic Mushrooms or Matrix Digits. Not to sure.. Suggestions?


EDIT:: With Matrix digits.


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matrix digits! matrix digits! lol

Done. :)

Do you ever use Mywankspace these days?

ooh matrixy goodness...


no. myspace is like sodomy... complete with the arse pains and all!

lol just LJ and Facebook... again... GET FACEBOOK! its so comformisty and gay (not as gay as that sodomising myspace tho!)but its heaps good for keepin in touch and all the applications r fun... (u can become a vampire and bite ppl! and there's quizzes! and u can send things! and superpoke ppl!! talia and i have a superpoke war thats been going all yr! lol)

so yeah... get it.

brought to u by the Conform to Facebook Corporation. Canberra.

(lol see what i did there?! pffft government...)

Shorty Proxy Error is my facebook name.

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